Certified SMACKers

Every month we will be picking a certified SMACKer. This is someone who is out spreading kindness + positivity to others and making a difference.

There are no specific qualifications for becoming a certified SMACKer, it is solely based on us seeing someone who loves SMACK and is sharing the love with others.
We will share a little bit about them and tell you why they were chosen. 
November 2021
Amy was chosen for her love of SMACK. She posts a SMACK post almost daily for her own personal inspiration but also to share the encouragement with others. 
If you know her or follow SMACK, you know her deep love for SMACK + kindness + positivity!

It was well over a year into SMACK before I got the chance to meet her and I’m so glad I did, even though it was brief. Even though we’ve only meant on one quick encounter, I feel like I know her because of her daily motivating SMACK posts.

Here is a little more about this wonderful woman:
Name: Amy

Favorite SMACK pack: the {stranger} pack, but I LOVE them all.

How was I introduced: To be honest, I was introduced when looking through social media during the uncertainty of COVID and finding SMACK was a blessing needed in the days that were super tough.

Favorite way to spread SMACK: There really can’t be one favorite way because I have so many however one of my favorite ways is including them as a part of a gift or package for others either as the note to the person or a small handful for them to share as a part of the gift.

SMACK Story: One of my favorites is a story of SMACK bringing much needed JOY to our daughter who has been going through hard. The card said “never ever give up” and was left on her locker. We all have hard even if it doesn’t show or we keep it inside and a simple gesture of spreading SMACK can offer the light needed to smile and change the day.

December 2021 
Alissa was chosen because she has been a top customer since SMACK was created. She is often buying new packs and spreading them to
friends + family + co-workers.

I have never met Alissa and may never get the chance, because she lives a few states away but I see her constant orders come through and I know she is doing big things in North Dakota. 

I am so thankful for her purchases to support my business and family, but even more thankful that she is making a difference in this world by spreading SMACK 🖤

Here is a little bit more about Alissa:
Name: Alissa

Favorite SMACK {pack}: {kids} and {warrior} - I can’t decide between the two!

How were you introduced to SMACK? A friend shared a Facebook post about SMACK, and I absolutely fell in love with the idea of them. I bought my first pack, and I’ve never looked back!

What is your favorite way to spread SMACK? I send SMACK to my friends, family, and co-workers when it feels like they need it. I’ve got almost all the packs, so I love going through them to find one that feels very relevant to their situation, and add my personal note to the back.

Tell us a SMACK story that impacted you or that impacted someone else: I gifted the {teacher} pack to my sons daycare teachers, a lot of whom are also going to school for their teaching degrees. They loved SMACK, and began sharing with the kids and their peers! It was so impactful to them, and my sons Kindergarten teacher will be getting the {teacher} pack for Christmas this year too! 
January 2022
Greg is a family friend but also one of my biggest supporters and advocates!
He is often found SMACKing wait staff at restaurants and supporting our branding everywhere he goes- including stickers on his kayak and fishing gear.

Here is a little more about Greg:

Favorite SMACK packs: the {thankful} pack and the {warrior} pack

How were you introduced to SMACK? I was introduced by my wife and friends.

What is your favorite way to spread SMACK? I love leaving a little SMACK behind for people in the service industry. Whether we are out to dinner and have a great server or on vacation at a place we make a connection with! My second favorite way has been SMACKin’ houses with our favorite Christmas light displays.

Tell us a SMACK story that impacted you or that impacted someone else:
Recently we were at a local establishment and the owner told me a story that was pretty cool. His bar had to close down for a while due to the pandemic. Being a business owner and full-time college student, he needed to find some way to earn a living, and turned to delivering meals for DoorDash. Then one day, when he left a meal at a house he received a SMACK card with his payment and tip. He didn't know what it was at first, but it had an immediate impact. It simply said, "Your next chapter is going to be AMAZING". The people who left it didn't know him, or anything about him, but somehow that card ended up right where it was supposed to.

Thats how SMACK is.
Changing the World one card at a time.
One life at a time.
Over and over again.

February 2022

Emma is a 14 year old who LOVES SMACK. I got the pleasure of meeting her at our local city fair. She had made me a little angel pin that I still wear on my lanyard at SMACK events. She has a heart of gold and love for spreading kindness. The world needs more Emma's! 

Here is a little more about Emma: 

Favorite pack: I can't decide between the {christmas} pack, the {doodle} pack and the {from your angel} mini pack.

How were we introduced to SMACK? A friend gave my mom a SMACK card for Christmas 2 years ago.

What is your favorite way to spread SMACK? I love using them as gift tags and picking them specifically for a person.

Tell us a SMACK story that impacted you or that impacted someone else: It has happened on more than one occasion that I have realized a person in my life was not having a great day so I would come home and look through all the packs to find a perfect card to brighten their day.


March 2022

Stephanie is SMACK's Tik Tok creator and is always willing to jump in and help with anything I need. She has spent hours stamping bags, folding boxes, stuffing boxes.
She is also the person that I text past her bedtime about ideas that pop into my head and we just feed off of each other. Her passion for SMACK is incredible. Her motivation to see it go "viral" is inspiring.
Here is a little more about Stephanie:
Favorite pack: the {stranger} pack
How were you introduced to SMACK? I’ve been a part of the SMACK family since the initial roll out.
What is your favorite way to spread SMACK? I like to leave SMACK on gas pumps. One fear of mine is getting caught leaving SMACK (so silly), so putting it on cars causes me a lot of anxiety. But a gas pump is quick and private. No one can see me doing it. I carry a roll of tape in my car just for this.
Tell us a SMACK story that impacted you or that impacted someone else: When Michelle rolled out the Teacher pack, I loved the idea but hated that teachers have to spend their own money. From this, the annual Teacher Pack donation event was formed. My hope is that communities can come together and fund enough SMACK that teachers no longer have to purchase it for their classrooms.
April 2022
April and I met my sophomore year {her freshman year} of college. She was sitting in the hallway and a group of girls walked by and I said, “I like your shoes.” April knew she wanted to be my bestie from that day forward- and we have been!
We have been through so much of life together. So many ups and a few downs. She was there the day I decided to drop out of college, she was there the day both of my babies were born, she was my maid of honor- and has been there for all the days in between.
She is the one person I can count on to always have SMACK with her. She even beats me to leaving it on a table after a night out or coming up with creative ideas, like SMACKing the best Christmas displays in town.
I am so thankful for her as a friend and as a professional certified SMACKer 🖤
Here is a little more about April 🖤
Favorite SMACK pack: the {thankful} and stranger} pack
How were you introduced to SMACK? Michelle is my long time best friend. We met over “I love your shoes,” which is found in the {stranger} pack.
What is your favorite way to spread SMACK? There are so many fun ways to spread SMACK its hard to pick my favorite way! I like to leave SMACK from the Thankful pack when tipping our waiter/waitress. These people hold a little place in my heart because I was a server for many years. Its a fun job, but at times guests can really knock you down. I like reminding them how appreciated they are!
Tell us a SMACK story that impacted you or that impacted someone else:
I foolishly didn't get a shopping cart on my quick trip into Walmart. I was only grabbing cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. With my hands full the lady in front of me at the check out insisted I go before her "A Christmas gift from a stranger." Being a busy Mama this extra time she gave me was such a gift! I bought my favorite candy bar and handed it back to her because kind people deserve kind!
What this lady also did was put me in the right place at the right time. As I get to my vehicle the man beside me got out and in the CrAzY wind, his hat went flying! He just watched it roll and roll and roll across the parking lot then said something like "I guess that hat was done with me." As I drove away there the hat was caught at the curb! I quickly picked it up and drove back to wait. The hat is now back in the hands of its owner and I hope this gentleman knows that it absolutely made my day that all the timing was just right. My cup is full!
I also get all the feels and goosebumps when I read the "Hey Warrior Keep Going" story. This is the first full circle moment I remember with SMACK and the first time time I remeber SMACK impacting like we all dreamed it would. 🖤
I'm so glad Michelle created SMACK, the world needed this happiness.
May 2022
To think that Angie and I didn't know each other before SMACK is crazy- our passion to make an impact on people is BIG and now we have joined forces!
She is CONSTANTLY spreading SMACK and creating new ideas and ways to make an impact with SMACK 🖤
She has made an INCREDIBLE impact in the school districts that she is part of! The images she sends me often brings me to tears.
Here is a little more about Angie:
Favorite SMACK pack: I keep the {Thankful} and {Warrior} packs on me at all times but just got the new {BY KIDS} and it may be my new favorite!
How were you introduced to SMACK? The power of sharing on social media! In March of 2020 a friend shared a SMACK post on her story. I struggled to find regular greeting cards that said exactly what I wanted to say and what do you do with them once you receive them? SMACK cards solved both of these for me!
What is your favorite way to spread SMACK? I don’t think I can say there is any single way that is my favorite aside from “on-the-go”. I always have cards with me, in my car, purse, work, and of course at home. My all time favorite was when we were in New York. I had the stranger pack with me and everywhere we went, I found a way to SMACK each location and even random strangers. Soon, the friends I was with started asking me for some cards so they too could SMACK “for the day”. We quickly went through the entire pack, even SMACKing The Tonight Show crew door! Truly a movement that spreads quickly.
Tell us a SMACK story that impacted you or that impacted someone else: The Annual SMACK Teachers Event has brought a huge impact in our schools. I had been using the SMACK cards to send messages to colleagues but when the donations rolled in and our schools were recipients of the generous donations I was able to roll it out to our entire student body and staff. I created SMACK boards for both the staff lounge and one for our 6-12th graders. At the beginning of the year we were able to reach each student PK-12 with a personal SMACK by their teacher. This past month, our students were able to return the favor and SMACK teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. The impact has been far larger than I could have ever imagined. Everyone in the building has access to a variety of cards for every occasion. When you walk into classrooms you see adults displaying their cards. I also see them inside lockers and even on the visors of cars.
July 2022
Angie is my best friends older sister. I have known her for years- however I feel like the older we get, the closer we have gotten. She makes me a special seasoned cracker snack every time she knows she is going to see me and is no doubt one of the most energetic SMACKers I know! 
On top of that, she has a heart of pure gold. 
Here is a little more about Angie:
Favorite SMACK pack: I really don't have a favorite pack as every pack I have, which is 7 as of now, are all GREAT! I have probably used the most cards out of the {thankful}, {stranger} + {original 2.0 packs}. I recently bought the {by kids} pack + I'm having so much fun reading those! 
How were you introduced to SMACK? I was introduced to SMACK by my sister. Her + Michelle are besties + she knew about SMACK since the beginning. After she told me about it, I knew it was something I would love spreading around. 
What is your favorite way to spread SMACK? I love leaving SMACK in random places for people to find. I have left them in restaurants, grocery + retail stores, on peoples wind shields, parks + so many other random places. I also love giving SMACCK to the cashiers when I go into stores and leaving them with a tip at restaurants. 
Tell us a SMACK story that impacted you or that impacted someone else: One of my happy SMACK stories is when I SMACKed the lady behind me at our local, small town coffee shop. I stopped in there one morning to get one of their fruity summer drinks and after I paid for my drink, I handed her a SMACK card and $5.00 to pay for her drink. She was really surprised, thanked me a few times and told me I had just made her day. I also SMACKed my cashier at a big name retail store and she got a big smile on her face. She told me it was her birthday and she wished she didn't have to work, but my small gesture of giving her a SMACK card had just brightened her day. It really can make a difference in someones day. It made my day to know I could help someone else have a better day. 
September 2022
Meet Sami.
Sami and I met through my photography business! I have photographed her babies since they were born and our bond was strong since the second we said hello. Since then, she has supported SMACK since day one and it one of my biggest cheerleaders!
Sami has such a light about her. To know her, is to adore her.
Here is a little more about Sami:
Favorite SMACK pack: Until recently I had way too many favorites to pick just one, but the {teacher 2.0} is my absolute favorite! I love that there are duplicates of ones I use frequently, and the graphics on them are so fun for kids.
How were you introduced to SMACK? I have been friends with Michelle ever since she took my daughter’s newborn photos. I followed SMACK from the beginning, and fell in love with mission behind SMACK.
What is your favorite way to spread SMACK?
As a teacher, my favorite way to spread SMACK is to actually let students pick their own cards. They can keep them, decorate them, or give them to someone else. Outside of teaching, my favorite way to spread SMACK is attached to a gift (thank you, Celebration pack) or a cup of coffee for a coworker.
Tell us a SMACK story that impacted you or that impacted someone else:
On Fridays my students can choose an incentive if they earned a leadership ticket during that week. One of the incentives is a SMACK card. I had a student who was going through a very difficult time, and one Friday this student chose a SMACK card as an incentive. This student found a SMACK card, held it close their chest, smiled, and then quickly put the SMACK card in their desk. I will never know which SMACK card was chosen, but something about that particular SMACK card spoke to this student. I know this student will appreciate the power of SMACK for many years to come, and I will appreciate the positivity and encouragement it provides my students.