Certified SMACKers

Every month we will be picking a certified SMACKer. This is someone who is out spreading kindness + positivity to others and making a difference.

There are no specific qualifications for becoming a certified SMACKer, it is solely based on us seeing someone who loves SMACK and is sharing the love with others.
We will share a little bit about them and tell you why they were chosen. 
November 2021
Amy was chosen for her love of SMACK. She posts a SMACK post almost daily for her own personal inspiration but also to share the encouragement with others. 
If you know her or follow SMACK, you know her deep love for SMACK + kindness + positivity!

It was well over a year into SMACK before I got the chance to meet her and I’m so glad I did, even though it was brief. Even though we’ve only meant on one quick encounter, I feel like I know her because of her daily motivating SMACK posts.

Here is a little more about this wonderful woman:
Name: Amy

Favorite SMACK pack: the {stranger} pack, but I LOVE them all.

How was I introduced: To be honest, I was introduced when looking through social media during the uncertainty of COVID and finding SMACK was a blessing needed in the days that were super tough.

Favorite way to spread SMACK: There really can’t be one favorite way because I have so many however one of my favorite ways is including them as a part of a gift or package for others either as the note to the person or a small handful for them to share as a part of the gift.

SMACK Story: One of my favorites is a story of SMACK bringing much needed JOY to our daughter who has been going through hard. The card said “never ever give up” and was left on her locker. We all have hard even if it doesn’t show or we keep it inside and a simple gesture of spreading SMACK can offer the light needed to smile and change the day.